Music production for CD’s, Film, specialist for recording acoustic instruments, overdubs, mixing, mastering, voice-overs and mobile recording. World Music, Jazz, Classical, and Crossover recordings.

Natural light in all rooms, Dynaudio and B&W monitoring, multitrack digital recording on Samplitude/ Sequoia, SSL Soundscape, ProTools or Logic Pro,  Amek, Neumann, RME and Audio-Service preamps, Apogee AD-DA converters, Lexicon 300 Reverb, Chiswick-Reach tube compressor, Neumann, Sennheiser and Schoeps microphones.


Previous projects with Wolfgang Haffner, Marcio Doctor, Peter Bolte, Claudio Puntin, Orange Blue, Julian Argüelles, Tango Crash, Elva y Tomás, Bill Ramsey & Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Trilok Gurtu among others.