Mehmet Ergin

"Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should resound in your heart" (Andres Segovia)

Somewhere in the borderland between world music, classics and jazz, Mehmet draws universal pictures with his music that leaves beaten paths and tears down barriers and frontiers. He takes his audience on a musical journey. He combines elements of western and oriental music, thus creating mystical, rhythmical spheres that invite the listener to immerse in, to lose themselves in them.

At the age of six, the guitarist, who was born in Istanbul, came to Germany with his parents. At 14 Mehmet was composing his first melodies, at 20 he was performing with his own bands. Consequently he established a good name for himself in the German jazz scene. Performances with Albert Mangelsdorff, Joachim Kühn and Stu Goldberg were the 23-years-old’s reward for numerous hours of practice, coupled of course with extraordinary talent.

Mehmet Ergin has since worked on well over 200 productions. His music has helped to advertise brands such as Joop, Mercedes Benz, Gauloise and Otto and numerous programms on ARD, NDR,  RTL, SAT 1 and Pro7. He also composed and produced soundtracks for the movies “Anam” and “Sores and Sirin”.

His CD „Beyond the Seven Hills“ proofed that his music that lingers somewhere between the East and the West defies all marketable categories. Reactions to the album where overwhelming: it was nominated for the  “Echo Award”(the German equivalent to the “Grammy” and the “Cesar”) as “Best Jazz Production”, the magazine “Scala” chose “Beyond the Seven Hills”  to be one of the best guitar albums of all times. “Klassik Radio” made „Beyond the Seven Hills“  and the following cd “Tales from Enchanted Gardens” “CD of the week” .They also stayed on the “Musikwoche’s” world music charts  for a long time.Live or in the recording studio Mehmet Ergin worked among others with Wolfgang Haffner, Marcio Doctor, Peter Bolte, Zoltan Lantos, Claudio Puntin, G-Strings and Trilok Gurtu.